Monday, March 5, 2012

Breakfast Smoothies

Making smoothies just got easier. I'm definitely never more than 2 minutes early and running out the door has become natural. I embrace it and admit I have a problem. That's the first step, right? So, to help make my mad dash to get out the door a little easier, I have prepped some things in advance.

In my freezer I have frozen fruit & cubes of yogurt and oatmeal. I slice and freeze the fruit on a cookie sheet individually and then toss them into a freezer-safe bag. I'll scoop yogurt into an ice-try to freeze and I'll do the same with some cooked oatmeal. Freezing everything individually first helps keep them from turning into a glob of ice later.

I also have fresh spinach and bananas handy to add to the smoothie. Sometimes I'll add a scoop of vanilla protein powder. Whatever floats your boat.

Hint: Adding a little warm water to the blender with your ingredients helps it blend more smoothly and you won't burn out the motor (it won't detract from the cold smoothie goodness). You can also set out the ingredients for about 15 minutes before blending (but I'm never early enough for that!)

Here's to healthy goodness & working on being e-a-r-l-y. Yeah, right.

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