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Celebrating the Outdoors Where We Live - Montana

Here at NTKO we believe that families provide the strong foundation a child needs in order to explore and enjoy the outdoors! We want to celebrate families and the connections they have (or are beginning to make) to the outdoors. Whether you live in a rural or urban setting, getting outside is as simple as opening your front door. Join us as we read about how different families celebrate the outdoors, together. If you have a story you'd like to share, please email us at bienvenidoadventure [@]

Celebrating the Outdoors Where We Live

My name is Danielle and my family and I love everything there is about being outside. We just moved to Great Falls, Montana and even in the short two weeks that we have been here, we have found so much to do! It is great to live in a city where you can't drive from point A to point B without seeing several people and families walking or riding bikes on the sidewalks, playing on the many playgrounds and running around at the parks.

My son would live outside if we let him. He just turned one and he will come running if he hears the front door open hoping to play outside.

We love walking around Gibson Park with his wagon to watch the ducks and geese and to play in the leaves.

He has recently found the joy of swinging on a swing set and sliding down the slide at the park.


We just took a family day trip to the Mountains where it was a good twenty degrees colder and my son's first introduction to snow. We brought our husky, Jack, with us and watching him run and jump in the snow definitely made my heart smile. He had found his home! We had a quick picnic and played in the snow and headed home. It was a great day! We plan on making a trip to Glacier National Park and go camping and we also have a fishing trip soon.

Everyone keeps telling us how bad the winters are here and that being from Texas it is going to be a shock for us, but we are excited to find out for ourselves. Our son got a sled for his birthday, we bought some skis and I made the family each their own pocket hand warmers, I think we will find that it isn't all that bad.

How can ice skating on a frozen pond and drinking hot chocolate ever be bad?? We are very excited!

We have only been here for two weeks and we already feel like this is home. We have done so much in the short two weeks we have been here, we can't wait to see what else there is to see!

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We can't wait to hear about their family adventures. 

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