Wednesday, October 17, 2012

NTKO Series: This is What a Leader Looks Like - Jenlyn Meyers

We're continuing our leadership series and our group member Jenlyn has shared a little bit about herself! Read about her accomplishments, goals, and zombie apocalypse plans below! If you are interested in telling us about the things that make you a leader, send us an email at

What Does a Leader Look Like?

My name is Jenlyn Meyers and I currently attend the University of North Texas with an interest in multicultural psychology. Coming from a diverse background in which my maternal grandfather, a second-generation immigrant from Mexico, married a white Cajun woman from Louisiana really sparked my interest in the differences and similarities between cultures on an individual level. I hope to take my training and apply it to a practice in Counseling with diverse individuals and their families. Currently I am finishing up a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with minors in Spanish and Behavior Analysis.

At my college, I am the Vice President of the Honor Society in Psychology and the Editor of the undergraduate departmental newsletter. I really enjoy these leadership opportunities because I enjoy
helping with widespread information to help people succeed in their personal lives. By joining with NTKO, I hope to apply my leadership experience to spread our message in important ways. Since I've been in the North Texas area my entire life, I've been able to see it go from being a desolate, but lush grassland into a bustling metropolis with many unique and diverse people to meet and places to go to.

You can rent equipment in the Outdoor Pursuits
office in the UNT recreation center. Prices
are inexpensive for students.
Unfortunately this also means that the number of nearby peaceful outdoor areas has dwindled, but I've luckily been able to get reconnected to the outdoors while attending college by joining the Outdoor Pursuits group on my campus in which we rent out equipment and go on adventure trips that are chaperoned by a very knowledgeable and friendly staff. I think taking breaks like this to learn more about the outdoors in a practical setting has been very therapeutic for me because I'm far away from stressors that come with my everyday life, and I think everyone can benefit from it. 
In my personal time, I also really love cooking, rock climbing, doing yoga, going on picnics, and watching movies at home with my boyfriend. My daydreams most often involve me in a post-apocalyptic world in which the survival skills I've learned from spending time in the outdoors help me overcome the zombies and looters that threaten my well-being. I hope you all start learning from the outdoors and are able to join my team when the apocalypse comes, or just go on an outdoor adventure with me in the meantime :)

Check out how REI is preparing people for the zombie outbreak here:

 Are you prepared?

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