Wednesday, January 9, 2013

3rd Camping Trip: Lake Mineral Wells State Park

A sunny and calm weekend made for an awesome camping trip for the Holloway family, Steinkamp family and Matt, park rangers, and our NTKO volunteers! We were able to go rock climbing, geocaching, fishing, star gazing, and even got to enjoy some s'mores around the campfire as one big family. Words can't describe how much fun this trip was and how beautiful the scenery was.

Our youngest camper was under age 2 and he had a blast getting to experience the bugs, rocks, leaves, and sunlight. His Mom said that he also enjoyed a night of deep, peaceful sleep. If you are interested in getting outside for the day, one night, a weekend, or even a week long adventure, there's a state park near you! 
Visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife site to start planning your adventure, today!
Family fun with NTKO!
Here are some snapshots from our last camping trip for Fall 2012 at Lake Mineral Wells State Park:
Putting up the Texas Outdoor Family tents is a task for all ages!

The Holloway family putting the finishing touches on their tent on Saturday morning.

Our youngest camper enjoyed the view as we hiked down
to Penetentiary Hollow for rock climbing
After setting up camp, NTKO provides lunch for the families before the activities begin. 
The kids were great at rock climbing! 
Ken tried rock climbing for his first time & he
looked like a pro! Don't you agree?

We couldn't snap pictures fast enough! He made it to
the top in the blink of an eye!
Our group member is a rock star!
She enjoys rock climbing in her free time. Read more
about her interests and her zombie survival plan here.

Kris & Jenn volunteered with us for the weekend and we couldn't be more happy
that they joined us and encouraged our families during the activities! Thank you guys!

The families geocached after rock climbing and
found a total of 7 hidden treasures.
Our group member, Duong, went on her first
geocache hunt on the trails. 
After a fun day of getting outside you will
definitely get some good sleep!
Nothing completes a camping adventure like
making your very own s'mores on an open flame!

We believe that families provide the strong foundation a child needs to explore and champion the outdoors. At North Texas Kids Outside we're all about bringing people together from different backgrounds to experience different things.

If you'd like to donate to our cause (time, gear, or money) or want to become involved, we'd love to meet you and answer any questions you have. Please contact me at bienvenidoadventure [at]

See you outside!

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