Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Taco Tuesday

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I have been updating the blog, but it's for good reason! I have had the opportunity to be on the Outdoor Nation Leadership Council and have attended this summer's signature summits. I met fantastic people from all over the country who are committed to getting others engaged in the outdoors! Then, I had the opportunity to attend the Natural Leaders Legacy Camp on Bainbridge Island, WA at IslandWood. Here, I met amazing people from the USA, Canada, and Peru who are also committed to engaging their community in the outdoors. We were taught skills that would help us organize and motivate our community to action. Finally, I have been studying for my comprehensive exams, which my professor lovingly refers to as the most horrific, terrible time of my life, ever. Sounds fun, right? So, the posts may be few for the next few months, but I will be back more consistently after the fall! Thanks for sticking with me!

Now for a new taco recipe to try!

Walking Tacos: Tacos in a Bag!

I found this recipe while browsing Pinterest and think it would be a great weeknight dinner, backyard dinner, or dinner for camping. Prepare all your ingredients ahead of time and just pop them in the cooler for easy setup. Once you get to your campsite, just heat the meat in a skillet on the fire and add your toppings. YUM!
For a full recipe, you can check out this one at The Girl Who Ate Everything!

Have you ever tried this or a variation of this? How did it turn out?

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