Monday, August 20, 2012

What kind of camper are you?

I want to make this blog a place where families can come to find out information about the outdoors, share experiences, and give us feedback on how we can do a better job of helping YOU get outside to make memories with your loved ones. I'd like to post at least once weekly (hopefully, more!) about topics that relate to the outdoors and getting more people connected to the outdoors. 

Please help us by commenting and writing us at bienvenidoadventure [at] so that we continue to improve during our journey. Follow us on Facebook, too! Here's a post about something that I love to do: camping!

When you think of camping,
what is the first thought that pops into your head? 
Tent Camping in New Mexico

Do you like a plush, luxurious cabin with a warm bed and microwave? Are you thinking of a cool breeze flowing through your tent as you drift off to sleep under a star-filled sky? Camping isn't a one-size-fits-all type of activity and that's what makes it so family friendly!

When you go camping you can choose where you want to go, what types of gear you will need and want, and how you want your trip to happen. You are in control and you can make your trip into a memory that will your family will remember forever.

This Fall we will be embarking on three tent camping adventures, with three different families each time, at some of Texas' most beautiful state parks. During the month of November we have two trips planned, back-to-back, that will occur at Cedar Hill State Park and Dinosaur Valley State Park. Then, we will end our Fall season with a rock-climbing adventure at Lake Mineral Wells State Park. Have you ever been to these gems? Check out all the state parks that Texas has to offer here. If you want to register for your own trip, check out the calendar of events for Texas Outdoor Family.

Our program is sponsoring a total of 9 families this Fall. By sponsoring, I mean that we are paying all the fees to enter and camp at the state parks, we pay for the Texas Outdoor Family registration fees (which includes all the gear the families will need to geocache, kayak, fish, and even rock climb!), and we are even providing a gift card to use for gasoline. Pretty cool, huh?

We are doing this because:
  1. Families deserve to enjoy the outdoors 
  2. We believe that transportation and other costs should not become barriers for families
  3. We love the outdoors and want to share our passion with others.
Today I came across some very insightful, fun, and practical posts from experience outdoor parents about camping styles. Here are the links so that you can read more: - My camping style: no fees, no toilets, no people - Learn to love camping: It's all about style - From Tent to Trailer, What Did We Do?!

We want to know, what is YOUR camping style? 

What do you enjoy most or least about camping?

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