Friday, November 16, 2012

YOUR Vote will help us win $1,500

We are competing for a $1,500 grant from Discover the Forest & GOOD Maker! Please help us take more families and connect more
urban and minority youth to the outdoors. 

VOTE for our project by going to:

Your vote matters and you can help sustain our project!

We'd like to thank your sponsors and donors. Without YOU, we couldn't do what we do. Thank you!

Outdoor Nation awarded us the $2,500 grant.
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Texas Outdoor Family is our main partner and we can't thank them enough! They provide camping workshops to teach families basic skills they'll need for a camping adventure. No experience necessary and all the gear is provided for camping and outdoor recreation like geocaching & kayaking.

REI Plano has donated 100 water bottles, nature journals, 20% off coupons, and information about hiking and camping in North Texas.

Thank you Mr. Charles Blaum at REI Plano for helping our kids document their nature encounters and for helping our families practice sustainable camping by reusing their water bottles!

donated 20 hand-crank flashlights.

I won a $35 gift certificate from The Center for Wilderness Safety and this has allowed her to purchase 2 first-aid kits and a tick twister for NTKO, plus some sweet stickers! 

Here's what NTKO can do for each family:

Because of the generous grant from Outdoor Nation, we are able to provide families with food, outdoor toys, & a $50 gas card.

Puppy not included

We are so fortunate to be given the opportunity to take families camping and connect more youth to the outdoors. 

The initial grant is enough to provide 15 families an outdoor camping experience they're sure to remember for years! Please consider helping us take more families outside. 

Your donation of time, camping equipment, food, or money will help our program succeed. 

Please contact us at bienvenidoadventure [at] if you are interested in donating to our program. 

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