Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Change is Good!


  1. A thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.
  2. A metamorphosis during the life cycle of an animal.
conversion - metamorphosis - change - alteration

My main goal last year was to create a team of people who were interested in getting more people outside. That goal came to life as the project North Texas Kids Outside and we accomplished many things in just one short year! 

The Esparza Family geocaching at
Dinosaur Valley State Park
I have been thinking of how the spirit of NTKO can continue. Our NTKO group is comprised of intelligent and driven leaders from many different backgrounds. We are teachers, filmmakers  historians, engineers, and chemists. We represent different races and cultures and speak different languages. We are also students, family members, and hobby seekers. We need something that will allow us to highlight what we love in life, and not just the outdoors.

With this in mind, I wanted to create something more comprehensive. Something that would allow me to share mi pasión for the outdoors and adventure, whether it be in the kitchen, at school, in the backyard, or out in nature. And something that would allow our group to share their adventures in the outdoors and everyday life, too!

The time has come to broaden the idea of adventure and build a community that appreciates experiences in the outdoors and our everyday lives. We can't always get away for some big road trip and sometimes the adventure in our lives comes from trying a new recipe in the kitchen or making an old table look brand new

North Texas Kids Outside is not going away! It is transforming into something new. It's becoming una comunidad, a community. We still want to host events to get everyone outside, so keep coming back to the site for updates on events we will have throughout the year!

It's time to merge my passions and say "Bienvenido" to adventure. It's time to welcome all adventures large or small and near or far! 

I thank you all for joining me on this journey and hope you will share your adventures with me. Bienvenido Adventure is a place where we can all share our experiences, live vicariously through others, and learn from each other.

Thank you!
Bienvenido Adventure

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